Tailor CX reporting tools to specific roles for bigger impact

Tailor CX reporting tools to specific roles for bigger impact

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Tailor CX reporting tools to specific roles for bigger impact

When it comes to the customer experience, there are no small roles within your organization—everyone makes an impact. By getting your entire team on board and in tune with your CX measurement strategy, you can expect more engaged, dedicated employees—and in turn, more satisfied, loyal customers.

The most important thing is to make sure your team members understand their role by providing a comprehensive suite of tools uniquely fit to each level. Communicate the overarching concept and goal of your program so employees know where their focus should be.

Here are 2 things you can do immediately to drive CX program engagement from each team member:

Customize tools for each role

Not every employee needs every piece of data. Too much information can lead to analysis paralysis—meaning less concentration on impactful change. Take the time to customize reporting tools to fit each role and level, such as:

  • Location-level reporting dashboards
  • Mobile apps for mid managers traveling between locations
  • Powerful report-builders to help corporate users dig for new insights

Location-level dashboards

Make sure your reporting system is user-friendly so employees with varying levels of technology comfort can navigate the dashboard with ease. Your CX reporting dashboard should provide actionable information with easy-to-understand features and tools, so your employees can have less screen time and more face time with customers.

Lay out action plans for various timeframes—daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly—for each role. For example, a location manager should check customer comments and share positive guest comments daily. A mid manager should review performance across locations and send out best practices on common themes on a monthly basis. Providing a clear, simple checklist will keep the team organized and on-target.

Paint the big picture company-wide

Explain how the CX program fits into the organization’s overarching strategy. What is the main goal? How are you going to reach it? What can each member do to contribute? Incorporate the following into your communication plan to give a holistic picture of your CX program:

  • Executive communications to reiterate top-line visibility
  • Regular training webinars to keep everyone fresh on best practices
  • Push reports to follow through + keep the program top-of-mind

Case study: grocery retailer

A grocery retail client overcame a skeptical field by finding innovative ways to showcase the value of their CX program, and sparked early engagement with employees. By combining customer and employee insights, they created a comprehensive approach to rolling out their CX program. They leveled out performance on key measures across dayparts and days of the week. And they quantified the financial impact of improving the customer experience.

Download our best practice guide

For more on how to motivate your field team and for an example of specific action plans—from daily to quarterly—created to keep scores trending in the right direction, download our best practice guide: 10 ways to spark field engagement in your CX program.