Customer Experience Management Platform

SMG captures + analyzes consumer feedback and behavioral data across all channels—from social media, to apps, to your website, to in-store—to understand customer motivations and help you meet their expectations.


Learn from what your customers experience at every interaction, at every location, across every touchpoint.


Measure + manage face-to-face customer experiences to quickly learn, adapt, and implement strategies that deliver meaningful results.


Monitor how navigation, content, functionality, and fulfillment affect the user experience + your conversion rates.

Ratings + reviews

Use unsolicited customer feedback to gain an outside perspective of your brand + opportunities to deliver impactful change.

Contact center

Empower the employees interacting directly with customers to effect change, immediately + measurably improving customer satisfaction.


Understand why, when, + how often customers visit your locations—or your competitors’—so you can better convert each customer into a long-term brand loyalist.


Measure + improve experiences at each stage in the cross-channel customer journey

Detailed customer journey analytics help you connect with customers where they are + drive loyalty across every touchpoint.


  • Searches for options


  • Visits website
  • Compares with other options


  • Downloads + engages with branded app
  • Decides to place order or visit in person

Collect active + passive feedback to shape your digital strategy



  • Places order online, in-app, on-premise, over the phone, or via third party


  • Interacts with brand via dine-in, carryout, delivery, BOPIS, or curbside

Measure all the ways customers are interfacing with your location



  • Receives friendly, speedy service while order is accurately fulfilled


  • Reports any brand- or location-level issues with order or visit

Use your contact center to resolve issues



  • Has issue resolved quickly and receives discount toward next purchase or visit


  • Leaves positive review on social media and recommends to family + friends


  • Highly likely to return in the future

Boost business outcomes with online reputation management


Reporting + analytics

Collect, aggregate, and analyze data from every touchpoint to create a holistic view of business performance, with 24/7 access to the customer data points you need.

Role-based reporting

From research analysts to location managers and everyone in between, get customized access to data when and where you need it.

AI-native text analytics

We translate qualitative feedback into data to detect sentiment in open-ended customer comments, surface emerging themes across products and categories, and streamline the feedback-to-insight process.

Business intelligence

Marry your CX data with other third-party datasets in a centralized reporting dashboard, using dynamic filters and visualizations to solve complex business challenges.


Get the full perspective of your brand’s place in the market, how you stack up against competition, and where you can improve.

Mobile reporting app

Access customer feedback on the go with insight-focused data visualizations to inform decision-making right from your phone.

Data management

Benefit from a flexible, API-centric open architecture and real-time bi-directional integrations to more easily ingest and process data.

Taking action

Customer insights + behavioral analytics tools drive prescriptive actions that improve experiences and generate meaningful business outcomes.

Online reputation management

Engage with customers and resolve issues faster to maintain a positive brand reputation.

Case management

Automate close-the-loop workflows to ensure you follow up with high-risk customers in a timely manner—resolving problems quickly and efficiently to reduce customer churn.

Predictive analytics

Use AI-based alerts to detect and escalate high-impact, low-frequency events—using that information to stay ahead of operational risks.

Journey analytics

Emphasize location- and touchpoint-specific opportunities to drive customer satisfaction with data that updates as feedback is collected.


What can be gained by delivering more highly satisfied experiences?


See company-level results

3.3ppts average YOY change for SMG clients

New revenue generated from Highly Satisfied customers


Want to know more about achieving ROI from your XM program?


Our advanced-degree researchers and deep category + industry expertise deliver prescriptive research findings that tie directly to critical business outcomes specific to your brand’s strategic initiatives—turning mountains of data into the information you need to take targeted action.


We love our SMG team, they are great partners in helping us really take things to the next level.

Senior Principal Team Leader, Customer & Market Insights | Chick-fil-A

As we evaluated customer experience management providers, SMG’s software with a service model was a key differentiator. We needed their help to uncover insights faster and improve the customer experience.

Client Experience Officer | Dickinson Financial Corporation

forrester wave leader 2021

SMG named a leader

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q2 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer experience management, frequently abbreviated as CX, is the process of using technology to observe, record, and analyze data about the experiences consumers have with your brand.

A CX program records experiences consumers have with your brand (both online and in the physical world) throughout all their interactions—collecting information by both asking consumers directly (active feedback) and through observation and the opportunity for consumers to provide the feedback when and how they choose (passive feedback).

CX data is processed via computers and returned as useful data, or CX analytics, for brand stakeholders to use when making a range of important business decisions.

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