Drive Better Outcomes with Customized Analytics

The smg360® experience management reporting + analytics platform is designed to deliver customizable data views, powerful analysis, and actionable information so your teams are equipped to drive action that produces results.

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Role-based reporting

We build customized dashboards based on the unique reporting needs in each level of your organization.

AI-native text analytics

Our proprietary approach to text analytics leverages cutting-edge research in neural networks + natural language processing (NLP) to analyze feedback the way a person would—going beyond individual words to surface emerging trends, themes, and sentiment with greater contextual accuracy.

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Business intelligence

Answer complex business problems more efficiently + innovate with confidence with our advanced experience management analytics capabilities in a centralized reporting dashboard.


With the largest database of customer experience metrics in the world, you can accurately track internal, social, and competitive across structured + unstructured datasets.

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Mobile reporting app

With role-based views, benchmarks, and close-the-loop functionality, the industry’s highest-rated mobile reporting app helps you quickly move from insight to action—without taking anyone off the front lines.

The smg360® app is fantastic….when I see accolades from a guest that are worthy of recognition, I will forward it back to the operator with my own note of positive reinforcement.

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Brands are often data-rich, but insights-poor. In order to really understand your business and drive customer loyalty, you have to be able to translate data into actionable insights.

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Data integration

Leverage out-of-the-box connectors, self-serve developer portals, and managed implementation services to deliver more seamless, personalized engagements across the customer journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer experience analytics is the result of taking the raw data as collected by your customer experience management platform and processing it with the help of technology to find actionable trends and key data points within the information.

Computer-aided analytics translate the mountain of data from a CX program into insights and visual representations specialized to stakeholders at every level of your organization, allowing them to respond to feedback at the appropriate level, from following nationwide sentiment trends at the corporate level to individual customer experiences at the location level.

Customer analytics uses a range of technologies to assist with the process, including AI text analytics to find relevant data and patterns in unstructured text, and predictive analytics to effectively analyze the mountain of data produced by a robust customer experience management program.

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