Expanded integrations + text analytics visualizations lead Q3 tech enhancements—strengthening business outcomes through experience management insights

Expanded integrations + text analytics visualizations lead Q3 tech enhancements—strengthening business outcomes through experience management insights

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Expanded integrations + text analytics visualizations lead Q3 tech enhancements—strengthening business outcomes through experience management insights

More than seven months into the pandemic, day-to-day operations continue to be in flux. That means experience management leaders (now more than ever) require technology that makes it easy to quickly surface insights, take action on those insights, and drive business outcomes.

Over the last quarter, we’ve released a series of product enhancements geared toward expanding feedback channels and bringing experience management data to life for a variety of roles across the enterprise. Here are a few of Q3’s most impactful updates:

Feedback innovation | New ways to connect with customers + humanize customer feedback

  • Two-way SMS survey – This expanded capability adds to our arsenal of ways to invite feedback across the customer journey and gives brands the power to execute more relevant and personalized engagements. Invitations are timely, which leads to higher open rates among consumers (the shorter the lag time between an interaction and an invitation for feedback, the higher the response rates). These customized, conversational surveys are logic-based—making them easier for the consumer and a richer source of feedback for the business.
  • Session replay integration – We’ve added a new partner integration with FullStory to our growing digital portfolio—giving users even more options for visualizing website interactions and connecting that powerful data to customer feedback. Linked within our comprehensive smg360® reporting platform, these recorded user sessions add critical context to survey scores and comments and make it easy for digital managers to quickly dig in to issues that may be hurting conversion.
  • Video feedback – Clients can leverage our new Voxpopme partnership to advance qualitative insights through the capture and analysis of customers’ self-recorded video feedback. By giving consumers an easy outlet for voicing their experiences and humanizing the feedback for employees, video feedback is making it easier for customer experience management practitioners to engage stakeholders and drive action.

Access + usability | Digital tools that increase the actionability of data

  • Action-planning for employee experience – This feature now lets employee experience practice leaders assign tasks and plans for resolution in platform. Real-time completion tracking makes it easy to see progress against goals. With expanded team visibility and greater accountability, managers are better able to foster communication with individuals and drive real change in the employee experience.

Active insights | Enhanced text analytics visualizations bring new insights to light

  • Category filters – Users may now apply global category filters across all text analytics dashboards and reports, leveraging the capability to zero in on specific insights. For example, this enhancement makes it easy to quickly understand which geographies are underperforming when COVID-19 is mentioned or see which words are associated with comments where customers mention cleanliness negatively.
  • Word cloud customization – There’s an added ability to change the user’s view by selecting “focus words” and enabling more relevant filtering and drilling.
  • Top-mentioned filter – Users can now find insights faster by interacting with a dynamic list of the 10 most frequently mentioned words in the text analytics comment report and comparing those to top mentions within product, category, or sentiment. This customized view adjusts based on the selected dataset and enables efficiency in identifying what customers are saying.
  • Sentiment by Region navigation – This enhancement makes it easier to find and filter relevant information with new centralized data sorting capabilities + an enhanced map UX. Major benefits include being able to better segment the data to understand areas of opportunity or success by geography.
  • Emerging Themes comparisons – It’s now easier to see movement in top positive + negative product mentions and sort data by changes in mentions or sentiment. Users may also drill into a full report to see how category/product sentiment is trending compared to previous time periods and to allow for better prioritization of data.

In the coming months, we’ll continue to execute on our three-part product and technology vision of feedback innovation, access + usability, and active insights. We recognize faster access to better insights is of critical importance to you as you figure out what’s next for your business.

Alongside our quarterly tech enhancements, we’ve created an interactive experience management playbook designed to help you navigate these uncertain times with precision, act quickly on insights, and emerge stronger. We encourage you to download a complimentary copy of our interactive XM playbook—complete with a phased strategy map and personal status tracker—that you can use to guide your next move.