AI-Native Text Analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of customer and employee feedback with our proprietary and industry-specific model. This machine learning-driven approach evaluates feedback the way a human would–looking beyond individual words to detect meaningful context from customer comments for more accurate answers and more relevant insights.

Only 39% of leaders are digging into unstructured voice-of-the-customer data.”

Forrester | The State Of Customer Analytics 2020

Top-tier accuracy driven by data science

If you’re making critical decisions based on data, you need to know it’s accurate. SMG’s approach to AI-native text analytics is based on modern, cutting-edge research in neural networks and natural language processing. With new and better ways of analyzing text automatically, we enable brands to:

  • Get an accurate read on customer sentiment
  • Identify + group comments by important categories and products
  • Retain context + meaning through native-language processing
  • Surface + aggregate emerging trends across feedback channels
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Always smarter, always better

Based on a mathematical model using over 300 million parameters, our proprietary approach continually learns context and nuance over time. It’s greater accuracy + fewer errors–with constant improvements.

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Global accuracy means more relevant insights

Translations are a non-issue. Our model uses native-language analysis, leading to higher accuracy for feedback across the globe so you know exactly how to act in each market.

From customer comments to critical context

6 ways text analytics deliver better insights for better business outcomes:

Get a high-level read of recurring topics + changing sentiment across your enterprise

See which topics are trending so you know where to focus attention

Navigate changes in the conversation across regions with interactive map views

Create custom groupings for more targeted roll-up + drill-down analyses

Understand how product + service mentions correlate to performance on key measures

Use predictive analytics to stay ahead of high impact, low frequency events

Powerful, multi-source reporting on open-ended feedback

With unlimited real-time data, role-based visualizations, and industry-specific customizations, SMG’s AI-native text analytics reporting helps you see what’s important.

  • AI-powered operational risk alerts: Identify, act on, and mitigate high impact, low frequency risks with predictive analytics
  • Trend + sentiment recognition: Track the performance + sentiment of important topics across all sources
  • Sentiment by region: Use sentiment aggregations to identify areas of opportunity or success in specific areas + regions

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