SMG’s top 3 takeaways from Omdia Market Radar: AI-enabled Experience Management Platforms

SMG’s top 3 takeaways from Omdia Market Radar: AI-enabled Experience Management Platforms

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SMG’s top 3 takeaways from Omdia Market Radar: AI-enabled Experience Management Platforms

SMG has been recognized as a vertical specialist leader in a new independent research report: Omdia Market Radar: AI-enabled Experience Management Platforms. A global technology research firm powered by hundreds of analysts covering thousands of technology companies, Omdia published this comparative analysis of the nine leading enterprise experience management platforms (EXMs).

We’re always thrilled to learn more about how SMG is perceived in the experience management (XM) market and put those learnings to good use as we shape our future innovations and the ways we serve our clients.

These are our three biggest takeaways from Omdia’s report:

1. Clear ROI is a must for successful programs

Omdia recognizes SMG for working “with clients to drive action within their VoC program that results in optimizing program performance and ROI.” This key message is further supported by SMG receiving the highest achievable ratings in the Link Financial to Customer Outcomes criteria.

We’re so proud of our performance in this area—because we know enterprise experience management platforms are only valuable when our clients can link their efforts directly to results. And that helps the program gain buy-in across the company, so everyone understands the payoff from delivering exceptional experiences.

2. The marketplace demands platforms that facilitate action

XM data is helpful, but if your platform isn’t telling you how to act, you’ll never make the kinds of changes that get noticed by customers. The Omdia report notes, “SMG specializes in helping high-volume consumer-facing business (specifically quick-service restaurants, retail and healthcare) gather and act on customer feedback to enhance the CX.”

It’s always our goal to make it easy for our clients to know where to take action—which is why we’re especially pleased to see Omdia cite the smg360® reporting platform as providing “a clear view of the CX and recommend[ing] remedial action locally and globally.” Further, our highest achievable ratings in the areas of advanced text analytics and breadth of API integrations point to our platform being a single  optimized location for multiple types of data. Our performance here reinforces our focus on building the most intuitive, easy-to-use platform for taking action across the enterprise.  

3. Clients benefit from partnerships that go beyond tech

The customer journey is evolving and programs continue to increase in complexity. These factors, among others, lead to brands recognizing the importance of having a true XM partner that understands their business and delivers value. Combining a comprehensive experience management platform and differentiated service model, SMG helps brands leverage customer and employee feedback to increase satisfaction, drive loyalty, and improve business results.

An excerpt from the report highlights this key differentiator: “Going beyond technology and professional services, SMG partners with its clients to demonstrate opportunities to change their impact on overall satisfaction and profits.”

See Omdia’s full write-up for a complete analysis of SMG’s experience management platform

As with all analyst research, we’ll use Omdia’s report and in-depth analysis as input for our product planning and prioritization of strategic initiatives. We’re always eager to learn how we can be better positioned to help our clients change the way they do business.

If you’d like to read Omdia’s complete assessment of SMG’s AI-enabled platform, access the full report here.