Unravel the secret behind location-based CX, making every location a customer favorite

Unravel the secret behind location-based CX, making every location a customer favorite

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Unravel the secret behind location-based CX, making every location a customer favorite

In an era where businesses interact with their customers through countless channels, it’s easy to forget the influence of location on customer experience (CX). Yes, the world has become more digital, but the physical touchpoints your brand shares with customers remain invaluable.

No matter your business type, your company location still holds significant sway over a customer’s perception of your brand and, by extension, customer loyalty. For those with multiple entities, location-based CX not only acknowledges this power but amplifies it.

Understanding location-based CX can open doors to new opportunities, taking customer engagement to the next level.

What is location-based CX?

Location-based CX is an approach that emphasizes the influence of physical location on customer experiences. It acknowledges the fact that experiences can significantly vary from one location to another. Factors like staff interaction, ambiance, product availability, and more impact customer satisfaction.

SMG leverages real-time customer feedback to deliver valuable insights relevant to the location and overall business success.

Why location-based CX matters:

1. Connection with business results

A positive experience in a specific location can lead to repeat business, while a negative one can deter customers for good. Imagine a coffee shop franchise where one branch excels in quick service and another consistently gets orders wrong. It’s not hard to predict which one will fare better in customer loyalty.

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Why focus on loyalty instead of revenue? If a low-performing location is in a populated area, it can still dominate in revenue. Tracking loyalty offers a greater opportunity to further improve revenue at all locations.

2. The role of personalization

Personalized experiences are no longer a luxury but a customer’s expectation. Location-based CX enables business leaders to recognize what appeals to their specific customer base and adjust their offerings accordingly.

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3. Tools for the future

While the concept of location-based CX might seem intuitive, implementing it effectively is no simple task. This is where a partner like SMG can shine. By offering businesses real-time insights based on customer behavior and direct feedback, we can help hone your strategies at a location-specific level.

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Case Study: Location-based CX in action

A real-world example of location-based CX being successfully implemented can be seen in our collaboration with a multi-location grocery brand.

The key challenge: How can business owners promote collaboration and inspire stores with lower performance to participate in contests, when the top-performing stores seem to clinch the victory each time?

The action: Locations were grouped into teams mixing bottom, top, and middle performers to create an initial average score that was roughly equal across teams.

The results: From an overall metrics standpoint, the quarter in which the contest was held was the first that saw all stores score above 70% in friendliness. In all, 81% of participating stores saw an improvement in friendliness.

Initially, stores struggled to maintain consistent customer satisfaction and foster collaboration across locations. However, after adopting initiatives based on concrete insights, they successfully unified their customer experience strategy across all branches. This resulted in improved customer satisfaction and an increase in loyalty for the entire brand.

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Make real-time feedback your competitive advantage

Location-based CX is crucial for businesses seeking to build lasting relationships with their customers. Whether you’re in the restaurant, retail, consumer services, or grocery sector, understanding and optimizing location-based CX data like real-time feedback can be your competitive edge in today’s customer-centric business world.

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