3 ways to enhance your digital transformation efforts + evolve your experience management program with DIY feedback

3 ways to enhance your digital transformation efforts + evolve your experience management program with DIY feedback

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3 ways to enhance your digital transformation efforts + evolve your experience management program with DIY feedback

Long before the onset of COVID-19, organizations were prioritizing digital transformation efforts and opening up more channels + touchpoints for customers and employees to engage with their brand. But the pandemic only exacerbated the need, forcing more aggressive digital expansions across industries.

As this last year has demonstrated, it’s critical for brands to remain agile as customer + employee behaviors, expectations, and needs continue to evolve. Having the ability to create, target, and deploy experience feedback channels in a rapid fashion is essential to delivering on the heightened demands of your customer base.

That’s why we have seen an increasing need for self-serve approaches to fielding digital feedback. Digital channels will continue to be a primary touchpoint for how customers and employees engage with brands—and those without an agile solution in place will get left behind.

Here are 3 areas to consider when implementing a digital DIY approach into your experience management (XM) program.

1. Measure the Full Digital Journey

Having a healthy mix of active (e.g., intercept surveys, micro surveys, post-engagement) + passive (e.g., feedback buttons, chat) touchpoints in your XM program ensures you’re measuring the entire customer journey and employee lifecycle from start to finish.

However, traditional static methods of building and deploying feedback to these channels increases cost to deploy and ultimately creates ROI trade-offs that reduce the number of touchpoints engaged. 

Through the use of self-serve capabilities, you can seamlessly control what you ask and when you ask it without technology overhead. Real-time deployment by non-technical resources makes it easier to increase the footprint of feedback channels.

This, in turn, greatly enhances the ability to identify points of friction, increase conversion, and provide seamless experiences across the journey. You’ll also get a holistic view—instead of looking at siloed engagements—which will help you uncover issues faster and close the loop across channels.

2. Collect Timely, Relevant Customer Feedback

With the right implementation of agile feedback, you’ll collect more relevant data from your customers and uncover more impactful insights for your organization. Having control of your feedback creation, targeting, and deployment allows you to be hyper-targeted with content and logic implementation—providing users with efficient and personalized engagements based on their experiences. In turn, brands get richer insight from various types of users and journeys.

Additionally, not only will the feedback you collect be more impactful, but you’ll collect it faster and maintain a competitive edge by keeping pace with today’s always-on digital world. With the right digital DIY capabilities, you’ll be able to quickly create new forms of feedback or directly modify existing ones—deploying changes with agility and speed without cumbersome technical resources slowing you down.

3. Combine Self-Serve Tech with Professional Services

One often overlooked component of an XM program is ensuring you have the resources and support necessary for implementing industry best practices across your feedback touchpoints. Deploying DIY engagements on your own can be tricky without the right support. But when you’re backed by a team of experts, you’ll receive guidance on important aspects of feedback implementation + analysis, including:

  • Survey content
  • Data benchmarking
  • Invitation criteria
  • Pre-testing changes
  • Closing the loop

In short: partnering with an XM provider that supports you with professional services throughout the entire process ensures you can implement self-serve feedback with confidence and success.

Add Depth to Digital Data with SMG

Digital transformation begins by understanding your customers and tailoring your engagement models to meet their needs. SMG helps clients accelerate their efforts by establishing listening posts at each touchpoint, testing + assessing disparate tech solutions, and interpreting results to chart the best path forward.

Our digital survey designer provides all the levers + knobs you need to fully control your digital feedback engagements. And SMG’s unique software with a service (SwaS) model means you’re backed by powerful technology, hands-on professional support, and 30 years of industry expertise.

To learn more about implementing self-serve feedback into your XM program, download the SMG Best Practices Brief: Digital DIY feedback or reach out to our team.

Chris Bosco | VP + GM, Digital