Professional Services to Manage Your XM Program

As the industry’s only software with a service (SwaS) provider, we make sure you don’t have to go it alone on your experience management journey. Our robust professional services help you manage + mature your enterprise experience management (XM) programs so you realize outcomes that move your business forward.

Assigned account team

With 100% of SMG’s managed and professional services provided in house—and employees averaging 10+ years in the XM industry—you get unmatched experience paired with ongoing, hands-on support. All of our clients have an assigned account team, and each team is structured so you’ll have guidance on program design, data interpretation, and insight activation at all levels of the organization.

assigned account team
program implentation

Program implementation

SMG has significant experience launching + maintaining global programs, and we work to ensure you benefit from that experience at each step in the process. Your implementation team will leverage established best practices while customizing the program to your unique challenges + research objectives. Additionally, our professional services model means we offload the administrative burden, ensuring your program remains healthy and valuable for your teams without adding day-to-day responsibilities.

Strategic guidance

Our ongoing engagement strategy includes meeting with your senior leaders to present analysis and insights, evaluate progress, and make recommendations for improvement. We’ll help interpret metrics + results and use them to inform business-changing decisions. These presentations are an opportunity to update you on best practices in XM research and advise you on emerging technologies + innovations.

strategic insights
outcome-focused insights

Outcome-focused insights

SMG routinely shows clients how their CX transformation drives outcomes and real change in their business. Successful programs regularly show how they generate new revenue, grow existing revenue, reduce churn + detractors, and drive operational efficiencies. When you can demonstrate the causational relationships between CX initiatives and critical business outcomes across channels, the ROI is evident.

Value creation track

Throughout your program lifecycle, SMG provides ongoing support, helping you reach full CX program maturity and maximize your investment. We don’t just set up a program and let it live. We’re constantly evaluating your program alongside your stakeholders to determine how we can get you to state-of-the-art experience management.

value creation track

Customer community

We’re focused on building connections among our client community of more than 500 brands as well as creating open lines of communication between those leading organizations and experts within SMG. By interacting daily with our partners, we receive information about what brands want from their XM programs and what they respond to most. This cultivation of a best practice community includes:

topic-focused interest groups

Topic-focused interest groups that allow users to connect on shared challenges + shape SMG’s industry research

industry panels icon

Industry panels facilitated by SMG experts that bring XM professionals together to collaborate on common hurdles, solutions, + strategies

quarterly discussions icon

Quarterly discussions focused on platform enhancements + use cases, intended to illuminate program best practices

in-person + virtual client events icon

In-person + virtual client events optimized to help clients learn from each other and hear from industry thought leaders

product advisory committee icon

Product advisory committee providing feedback that shapes SMG’s roadmap and go-to-market strategies

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