Insights + Expert Industry Research

SMG’s team of industry experts and advanced-degree researchers works in tandem with you to deliver timely, outcome-focused experience management insights that address specific business challenges, answer pressing research questions, and guide ongoing strategic initiatives.

Anatomy of a true cx insight

Determine if you’re getting true CX insights or just data

What is an insight really?

At SMG, an insight is a specific research finding that provides a more nuanced understanding of a given topic and prescribes clear ways to act—leading to measurable results + tangible ROI.





What does it look like?


Low cleanliness scores


Cleanliness scores have dropped

Drill-down question + text analytics revealed it’s not due to typical issues like messy drink stations or overflowing garbage cans – customers actually think the stores feel cluttered

What can you do with it?


Tell operators to put an emphasis on cleaning their stores


Conduct site visits for bottom-performers + follow up with monthly coaching calls

Realign aisles + communicate compliance standards

Reprioritize SKUs to put branded bakery items with higher profit margins in great-looking displays next to registers

What are the expected results?


Hope for improvements


+6 pts


+2 pts

Overall Satisfaction


in-store bakery sales increase vs. general merchandise

OSAT insights for business outcomes

Insights that drive business outcomes

Turn mountains of data into actionable insights that produce real business outcomes:

  • Generate new revenue
  • Grow existing revenue
  • Reduce churn + detractors
  • Drive operational efficiencies

“SMG is a good fit for organizations seeking a software and services partner that has deep expertise in delivering highly relevant and actionable insights.”

The Forrester WaveTM: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q2 2021

Your most important business questions, answered

Our dedicated, in-house researchers use best-in-class methods to find the right answers and insights to your business-specific questions. Some key questions we help our clients address include:

  • What drives customer loyalty across channels and experience types?
  • How are we performing over time? Compared to the competition?
  • How consistently do we perform across stores? DMAs, regions, etc.?
  • How do we perform during peak times?
  • Where should I focus to turn satisfied customers into highly satisfied customers?
  • What drives customers away?
  • How engaged is my team?
  • Are we effective at service recovery?
  • What are customers talking about?
  • Are we delivering the same level of service across channels?
  • How does the customer experience impact financial performance at the store and company level?
  • What is the predicted lifetime value of a highly satisfied/highly loyal customer?
  • How are new campaigns, operational changes, and LTOs impacting stores – financially and operationally?
  • What is the impact of prompt problem resolution on customer loyalty, spend, and online ratings?
  • How strongly do online reviews correlate to survey results and financial performance?
  • How do we get guests to spend more and choose us over competitors?
OSAT performance by brand

Understand your position vs. the competition

SMG’s robust industry benchmarks help contextualize your standing in comparison to your competition, and our expert experience management teams deliver the key insights you need to surpass your peers.

See real insights in practice

Shell’s CX programme allows them to hear from a broad customer base, providing an accurate picture of the customer experience and driving decision-making throughout the organization.

How Shell tested market-level changes to make worldwide improvements

Get access to customized, actionable insights.