Experience Management Professional Services

Evolve from data-driven to insights-driven with the analytical, strategic support
of a dedicated services team.

Professional services

As the industry’s only software with a service (SwaS) provider, SMG partners with clients to develop, maintain, and evolve their enterprise-wide XM programs—anticipating changing consumer expectations + behaviors in ways that deliver business outcomes.

Change management

We work with you to customize the program to fit your needs + offload the technical burden of implementation.

Launch + training

Client-specific guides + communication strategies ensure your program gains traction from the very start.

Program guidance

Leverage our CXPA-certified industry experts + hands-on insights teams to monitor and fine-tune all aspects of the program, so you can focus your efforts where they matter most.

Field engagement

Give frontline teams prescriptive tools to help them make informed decisions in the field, leading to operational improvements + increased accountability.

Program maturity assessment

Our in-house client success team uses a proprietary model to ensure clients are using innovations that advance their XM strategies.

Technical support

With always-on support and streamlined workflows for fast response times, we’ll ensure all aspects of your program are optimized for every user.

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data insight dashboards


SMG provides in-depth analyses + actionable insights that provide a more nuanced understanding of your data and prescribe clear ways to act—leading to measurable results + tangible business outcomes.

Data to insights

Put cross-channel datasets in dialogue with one another to surface holistic insights that impact the entire customer journey.

Financial linkage + ROI

Map XM improvements to cross-functional gains that demonstrate tangible, widespread ROI.

Research methods

Our advanced-degree researchers are experts in using statistical analysis techniques to translate mountains of data into clear-cut paths to improvement.

The SMG difference

SMG puts a dual focus on technology and professional services to help brands turn mountains of data into true CX insights that change business outcomes. And when we talk about professional services, it’s not just lip service. We offer solution support, success management, and insights consultation that take your program to the next level.

Solution support

Onboarding, training, + maintenance to keep your program humming. Right-sized to cover critical functions of your program—including onboarding, training, and ongoing helplines.

Success management

Guidance to ensure you have a prescriptive + future-focused XM strategy. Prescriptive + future-focused to ensure your XM strategy leads your organization + the industry​.

Insights consultation

Game-changing answers to your most important business questions from industry experts serving your diverse needs throughout the year and geared toward giving you better outcomes.

professional services
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SMG named a Leader

  • Highest score possible in the customer relationship, success, and support criterion
  • Highest score possible in the services strategy criterion

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q2 2021

“SMG is a good fit for organizations seeking a software and services partner that has deep expertise in delivering highly relevant and actionable insights.”

The Forrester WaveTM: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q2 2021

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Insights > data

Every provider talks about insights—but few attempt to define them and even fewer follow through on their promise to deliver. Learn how SMG defines + delivers true CX insights that change the way you do business.

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