SMG’s Strategic Partners

SMG works with innovative technology leaders to ensure our clients are getting the most value out of our programs.

Building a better ecosystem for experience management

SMG’s experience management strategic partners are an extension of our platform and offer a broad range of capabilities, services, and solutions to help our clients enhance their customer, patient, employee, + brand experience programs:

  • Extend your XM platform capabilities
  • Make your data work harder
  • Drive more personalized customer interactions
SMG partners

Our partners enhance your experience management program

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“Partnering with SMG allows us to bring data from across the customer journey into a single platform so brands can easily and more effectively consume and explore CX data, quickly identify shortcomings, and take action.”

Jeff Gallino | CallMiner CTO and Founder

integrations and connector partners

Integrations + connectors

Integrations lead to richer insights. SMG will help you merge + codify disparate datasets for a more holistic view of your customers, patients, and employees.

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