XM Data Management

Brands rely on a centralized reporting platform to act as the single source of truth for their experience management (XM) programs, but the data feeding that reporting is mission critical. It’s all about access to data you can trust that’s integrated from multiple sources and protected in a secure environment.

Data integrity

Effective data collection requires the right technology and systems to prevent fraudulent data from getting to your teams. Our proprietary technology assigns a unique digital ID to every device that takes your survey. We then quarantine data from duplicate digital IDs in real time so this suspicious data never makes it into your reporting. This is unique to SMG and ensures you don’t have fraudulent inputs or changing scores, enabling your teams to make decisions + take action on accurate data that’s screened in real time.

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Data integration

We partner with clients to integrate all relevant data sources into our unified smg360® platform to enable cross-channel analytics and synchronized experience management (XM) initiatives. We provide out-of-the-box connectors, self-serve developer portals, + managed implementation services to help you gain contextual insights on what happens across (and between) interactions so you can deliver more seamless, personalized engagements across the customer journey.

Data storage + security

All client data is stored in a highly secure environment—taking advantage of industry-leading technologies including firewalls, encryption, and role-based access. SMG has two tier-4 data centers that are fully mirrored from a hardware and software standpoint to ensure a regional incident won’t introduce risk to clients’ data. Besides intra-site redundancy and automated failover service, SMG uses server farms within each center—thereby providing inner-site failover as well. Full back-ups are stored on-site at both centers, and backups are synched multiple times per day.

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“SMG knows how to execute a sustainable survey program and has been top notch when it comes to executing, protecting data integrity, and helping avoid survey fatigue

The Forrester WaveTM: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q2 2021

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