Predictive Analytics

To operate at the speed of the customer, you need to use your customer experience data to impact what happens next. At SMG, we leverage data mining, machine learning, + predictive modeling to arm you with the insights you need to get smarter about patterns + future scenarios so you can make changes that will have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction + loyalty.

Forecast future customer behavior + prevent future missteps

By pairing purchase history, customer service interactions, and demographics (to name a few), you can predict customer churn, potential future purchases, critical dropout points in the customer journey, and long-term customer lifetime value. Combined with case management actions, goal-setting, data health and anomaly reports, perceptual maps, and customer segmentation analyses, you’ll spend less time putting out fires and more time resolving issues before customers ever notice.

views of friendliness ratings in smg360
friendliness metrics by day of the week and team member

In-platform areas for focus

smg360® enables dynamic, self-serve predictive + prescriptive analytics across structured + unstructured data. Our platform includes a proprietary algorithm to predict which touchpoint or experience factor will have the greatest impact on loyalty metrics, and uses brand-specific business rules to prescribe action based on the individual location or touchpoint.

High impact, low frequency events

Using our AI-native text analytics to mine unstructured feedback in real time, we use industry-specific machine learning models to predict operational risk based on customer comments. These high impact, low frequency alerts notify you of major issues like food safety, customer churn, or employee misconduct—potentially significant threats to businesses serving a high volume of customers—so you can take immediate action when issues arise.

food safety alerts screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

Predictive customer analytics is the application of an analytical algorithm to predict the customer experience factors that will have the greatest impact on performance metrics.

Predictive analytics help brands identify what aspects of the experience will matter most to customers, understand which service behaviors predict shorter customer return cycles, mitigate potential operational risk, and stay ahead of high-impact, low-frequency events.

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