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Action Planning

Motivate your workforce + track progress against goals all in one platform. Set ongoing employee actions, customize check-ins, and view progress + track accountability to impact professional growth across your business.

Establish ongoing action plans based on location-specific Areas for Focus

With real-time access, leadership teams + location managers can immediately begin turning Areas for Focus into tangible action strategies by intuitively adding specific tactics. Whether it’s recognizing front-line teams for exceptional service or fostering a growth-oriented culture with more training opportunities, managers will be able to identify + track the metrics that matter most for the teams they oversee.

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Drive accountability + share best practices across teams

As action plans get put into place, leadership teams can democratize best practices established by top-performing managers and share coaching materials to drive a more consistent approach across the enterprise. The action-planning dashboard enables users to upload a variety of attachments—including playbooks, training resources, and celebration alerts that reinforce loyalty-building behaviors.

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SMG receives top scores for “Employee Feedback (VoCE/VoE)”

The Forrester Wave™: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q2 2021

Track against customizable goals with strategic check-ins + intuitive progress indicators

With strategies in place and resources easily accessible, leadership teams can use the check-in functionality and progress-trackers to ensure location-specific goals are being met. To foster an open dialogue and promote in-platform collaboration, managers can add comments around strategic initiatives being put into place.

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Manage the employee experience to reduce churn + drive growth

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