Case Management – Solving Customer Experience Issues

Your ability to respond efficiently and effectively is critical no matter the channel. Whether it’s a comment left on your website, complaints captured through your contact center, or issues with online ordering, you have to respond—fast.

Efficiently close the loop with best-in-class capabilities

SMG’s case management is a centralized, multi-source platform for customer issues—providing the tools you need to promptly respond, assign, track, and resolve for an effective service recovery process.

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In-platform response

With a multi-source platform feeding all customer data to your smg360® dashboard, you can easily navigate customer issues and take immediate action toward resolution. Response templates provide a great starting point, but are also customizable so you can add pertinent information that’s specific to the situation. Simply select a scripted response, personalize your message based on the exact customer issue, and send.

82% of customers report that having their issues responded to quickly is the number one factor of a great customer experience.

Comprehensive case histories

Not only is it helpful to have all the information on the customer’s current issue in one place, but you’ll also have access to that customer’s past case interactions for a holistic view of their experience with your brand. You’ll get the full picture before you jump in—armed with helpful information such as what issues that customer has had before and what actions were previously taken, so you’ll know how best to respond.

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Performance benchmarks

All conversations are tracked through the platform, so you can keep an eye on progress and see it through to final resolution. Time-to-resolve metrics help you and your team stay on-track toward response goal times so you can be sure each case is being resolved in a timely manner that meets your standards.

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Productivity transparency

84% of customers who are highly satisfied with their problem resolution express a high likelihood to return to the business where the issue occurred—meaning problems can actually be a really great opportunity to gain customer loyalty. You’ll get access to an organized, easy-to-use system that tracks customer issues from onset to resolution—giving your brand the competitive advantage it needs to come out on top.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer case management is the process of proactively searching for, soliciting, tracking, and resolving problems that individual customers may have in their experiences with your brand.

Resolving customer issues is significantly effective in increasing customer loyalty. Our data has shown that, of those customers who report issues and are highly satisfied with their problem resolution, 84% express a high likelihood to return—higher than the 71% likelihood to return rate among customers who didn’t report an issue.

Examples of case management include researching and replying to critical online reviews to correct customer problems, using AI analytics to find and respond on a 1-to-1 basis to relevant open-ended feedback, or recording and responding to complaints collected from a website or call center.

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