Role-Based Reporting

Companies that excel at delivering superior customer experiences know experience management is everyone’s job. That’s why SMG ensures all levels of your organization have real-time access to the data + insights they need to drive meaningful actions that lead to tangible business outcomes.

Intuitive, role-based dashboards

Provide real-time access to prescriptive insights across every level of your organization.


Clear, actionable, unit-level scores + direction

  • Targeted areas for focus
  • Real-time customer comments
  • Performance by time of day + day of week
  • Score comparisons to previous periods + top performers
  • Service recovery + celebration alerts
  • One-click access to frequently reviewed reports
  • Training videos + splash pages
unit-level scores and direction examples
screenshots of multi-unit scores on mobile

Mobile, easy, multi-unit scores + comparisons

  • Score comparison to previous periods, top performers, + balance of chain
  • Performance ranking reports
  • Access to unit-level dashboards
  • Real-time customer comments + robust AI-native text analytics
  • Comment search capabilities
  • Service recovery + celebration alerts with comprehensive case management
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly + year-over-year trends
  • Mobile app reporting

Enterprise-level reporting + robust analytics

  • Custom, flexible report-building + saving
  • In-platform statistical significance testing
  • Advanced filtering capabilities
  • Real-time, AI-native text analytics
  • Social media analytics
  • Alert compliance + resolution reporting
  • Real-time comment streaming
  • Administrative features
trend and comparison reporting on smg360
holistic views and dashboards on smg360

Holistic views of brand performance across data sources

  • Linkage between scores, sales data, + critical KPIs
  • Flexible, bi-directional data integrations
  • Side-by-side analysis across brands, channels, + data sources
  • High-level overview of emerging themes + sentiment trends
  • Ability to filter by source, date, hierarchy, product groups, + survey attribute
  • One-click access to common reports

Put the right data in the right hands—in real time

By keeping everyone up to speed without taking anyone off the front lines, you’re able to quickly turn insight into action at every level of your organization.

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