Business Intelligence Solutions

SMG’s business intelligence solutions pair your XM + consumer datasets in a centralized reporting dashboard to provide a more unified view of your purchasers + non-purchasers throughout their cross-channel journeys—allowing you to solve complex business challenges with agility.


of companies investing in CX have more data than they did 2 years ago


can use it to personalize experiences

*CSG CX Survey Results | Business Wire

Access self-serve customer journey data to evolve with agility

When facing multi-faceted business challenges, it’s critical to have a robust analytics tool to help conduct ad hoc analyses at a rapid pace. SMG’s business intelligence solution provides a modern framework for transforming siloed data into actionable insights. Within the dashboard, users can:

  • Develop customer segmentation analyses based on demographics, touchpoints, + behaviors
  • Identify dropout points in the customer journey to reduce churn + highlight revenue-at-risk
  • Recognize new market trends in real time for more precise strategy-mapping
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demonstrations of ROI initiatives

Demonstrate tangible ROI for your brand’s XM initiatives

The proliferation of customer data is empowering, but it can be overwhelming without the right tools. It’s not enough to simply track actions your customers have already taken. Modern tracking tools use advanced data to predict + impact what customers will do next. SMG’s BI solution is a hosted subscription service that presents client experience data in a modern analytics platform to:

  • Complement day-to-day CX visualizations outside of smg360® for more robust analyses
  • Customize datasets + visualizations to address your brand’s unique research challenges
  • Implement the solution quickly, seamlessly, + flexibly with vendor-led support
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