Experience Management Benchmarking

SMG leads the industry with a unique portfolio of four benchmark datasets: core survey, text, branded benchmarks, and ratings + reviews. Shed light on your performance relative to competitors and see where you need to go to lead your industry.

Core survey benchmarks

Our core survey benchmark houses billions of data points spanning categories, regions, and consumer demographics. By using this database to see how you rank on different measures compared to the competition, you can gain a clearer picture of where you stand. Plus, the information isn’t restricted to the brand level—so you can filter by visit type, department, day part, and many more attributes to zoom in on the data you need to answer your most specific, pressing questions.

example of core survey benchmarks
images of positive and negative sentiments

Text benchmarks

Get industry benchmarks on the data behind open-ended comments. You can use this data to gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience and to see what customers are saying about your brand versus the competition. Being able to see what customers are mentioning, as well as the sentiment behind their comments, provides qualitative context on how they really feel about your brand.

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SMG received the highest possible score for Benchmarking in Forrester’s Customer Feedback Management Wave, Q2, 2021

Branded benchmarks

Our proprietary market intelligence tool allows you to see the exact customer experience metrics for the brands you’re interested in, and how much visit share you’re winning from specific competitors. You can sort the data to gain a deeper understanding of:

Customer Experience Performance

Customer experience performance

See how your brand stacks up relative to competitors on key customer experience metrics (overall satisfaction, value, ease of shopping, etc.) so you can understand your brand’s competitive edge + identify growth opportunities.

Purchase Funnel Metrics

Purchase funnel metrics

Understand your customer acquisition performance (from awareness to purchase and beyond) relative to the competition to identify key priorities of brand health.

Brand Category Share

Brand + category usage

Use brand and category purchase behaviors to measure visit and wallet share for your brand and the competition, providing insight into historical performance so you can protect + grow your share moving forward.

Loyalty Metrics

Loyalty (NPS + actual return) metrics

Identify how individual experiences impact actual return cycles to understand where you’re driving long-term loyalty, affecting visit frequency, or influencing customer churn.

Ratings + reviews benchmarks

With access to ratings + reviews competitive benchmarks at the location level, you can uncover rich customer insights that drive intelligent interactions. These real-time benchmarks include:

  • Your overall rating compared to each competitor
  • Drill-down functions + selection of specific competitors of interest
  • The volume of reviews you have for each location
  • Competitors’ performance across all platforms (including response rates, 1- and 5-star reviews, and reviews responded to)

image of competitor benchmarks

Frequently Asked Questions

Benchmarking is the process of comparing your CX information to a dataset of similar businesses to see how the two compare. Benchmarks can also be used to compare individual locations or regions within a larger company.

It doesn’t help a restaurant to know how their CX data compares to a big-box retail store. Benchmarking by industry means data is compartmentalized by industry so similar business types are compared.

XM benchmarking allows you to determine what’s most important to your most-likely customers, where your brand is coming up short, and where you should focus your efforts to be better than the competition.

Text benchmarks move beyond comparative scoring to analyze customers’ open-ended comments for trends based on keywords and phrases.

Clients use data from text benchmarks to compare what customers are saying about their brand versus other similar brands or to compare comment trends across an organization.

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