Track Active and Passive Customer Engagement to Boost Loyalty

Rapidly shifting behaviors have fast-tracked a new customer experience where digital experience management is part of almost every customer journey with your brand. Through a combination of active and passive engagement methods, we help you demystify customer intent and improve conversion, customer satisfaction, + brand loyalty.


growth in online retail orders


of shoppers begin product searches online


of online shoppers visit a different retailer after just one poor experience

Find answers to your most critical digital experience questions

  • What drives online satisfaction?
  • Are we effective at service recovery?
  • What are the barriers to online conversion?
  • Are there opportunities with website functionality?
  • Are consumers leveraging our website prior to a store visit?
  • Is my brand creating a seamless experience across touchpoints?

Demystify customer intent + improve conversion

Passive feedback

This always-on option lets customers react as they encounter issues, wish to provide feedback, or generally need assistance—giving you insight into the customer experience at the moment they are willing to voice their thoughts.

Active feedback

Invite users to provide feedback at strategic intervals based on real-time user behavior. When you do, you can pinpoint areas of frustration, friction, delight, and improvement for product feedback + validation, UX challenges, A/B testing, purchase abandonment, delivery experiences, and return visit intent.

Offer visitors the real-time help they need

An optimal digital experience includes right now problem solving—empowering brands to address customer pain points as they happen along the digital customer journey. Dynamic assistance offers real-time live or AI-enabled help through virtual chat or guided selling flow implementations. These in-the-moment interventions proactively solve problems and drive visitor conversion.

dynamic assistance along customer journey

Post-engagement feedback helps you measure the entire customer journey

If customers experience late shipments, inaccurate orders, or damaged goods, you’ll face an uphill battle to regain their loyalty. Post-engagement feedback allows you to follow up with a customer via SMS or email to make sure your brand delivers. We measure each step in the purchase process to optimize fulfillment procedures (including BOPIS + delivery), identify points of customer friction, improve product satisfaction, and resolve customer issues.

Control the creation, targeting, + deployment of your digital feedback

With the right DIY strategy, technology, and support, you have more control over how you engage—creating smarter touchpoints, more relevant interactions, and richer insights. You can determine targeting, collection periods, and when and where on your site you want feedback. While many customizations are possible, you don’t have to go it alone—SMG’s professional services + industry expertise will help guide the ideal digital feedback implementation.

smg360® puts all of your reporting + analytics in one place

Whether you work exclusively in digital or leverage other channels, you can view your entire customer journey and compare side-by-side metrics to understand how one touchpoint impacts another. Dashboards are customizable based on your role, what information you want to see, and how you’d like to see it. With real-time, rule-based alerts, you can track customer sentiment + emerging themes to understand key drivers along each step of the customer journey.

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SMG has served as a partner and trusted advisor, helping us create alignment across our customer journey, advance our feedback collection methods, and deliver insights faster.

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Customer experience management

SMG’s customer experience management programs are designed to keep pace with your omnichannel strategy as it grows and evolves across touchpoints, providing the flexibility to meet your customers’ needs where they’re most likely to connect with your brand.

Data rich but insights poor?

Find out how we help clients turn mountains of data into actionable insights to drive meaningful business outcomes.

Client success

Brands choose SMG because we understand their industry + challenges and provide the “always on” partnership needed to help them realize ROI with their XM programs.

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