Gain Deeper Perspective on Your Brand vs. the Competition

SMG’s comprehensive brand experience management programs combine traditional brand research with customer experience feedback and behavioral data.

A more complete picture of your business

We leverage multiple data sources to connect what consumers think, do, and say—delivering a better understanding of the evolving customer journey and how it impacts your business.

Chart comparing customer experience and brand experience. Customer experience includes operational measurement, such as experience-specific feedback. Brand Experience covers behavioral data and attitudinal research.
Photo of young woman with coffee holding phone, on her way to shop.

Increase revenue + drive loyalty

Access national and market-level benchmarks to uncover when + why your customers interact with your brand (or your competitors), so you can build targeted strategies around how to gain market share.

Brand tracking
Branded benchmarks
Behavioral insights

The fastest, most accurate source of behavioral data linked to real-time customer feedback

Know where your customers are

Use point-of-interest mapping to learn when customers visit a location, how long they stay, and which competitors they passed along the way.

Know what your customers are doing

SMG’s patented technology detects visits and triggers surveys to deliver the right questions at the right time, capturing customer feedback to understand why a purchase was made or why it wasn’t—or whether they opted for a competitor instead.

surveymini mobile screenshots

Get answers to critical business questions

  • Is my brand messaging resonating with consumers?
  • How often do consumers visit, browse, and not purchase? Why?
  • Why and where am I losing customers in the purchase funnel?
  • How can I convert non-customers and infrequent guests to loyalists?
  • Why have lapsed customers stopped shopping at my brand?
  • Why do consumers choose my brand? What about our competitors?
  • What’s my biggest strength?
  • What are my consumer profiles vs. my competitors’?
  • When do our competitors’ consumers choose to visit us?
  • Where do consumers go when they don’t visit? Why?
Map showing markers of your brand compared to competitor brands
charts for overall and in-store satisfaction metrics

Insights + client success

Use an enhanced reporting platform and deeper panel data to unlock more robust market-level intelligence + competitive insights.

  • Diverse data signals help you understand + manage brand perception throughout the customer journey
  • Learn how you measure up against specific competitors and uncover a clear path to building on your competitive edge
  • Discover what motivates purchase decisions and what you can do to influence them
Client Success
  • Ensure your research is optimized for your business and your consumer with an assigned client insights team
  • Receive regular insight presentations that pinpoint opportunities + prescribe actions
  • Gain ongoing access to executives, advanced-degree researchers, + survey programmers
Brand Experience
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