Uncover Cross-Channel Insights Throughout the Customer Journey

With end-to-end, cross-channel customer feedback collection capabilities, we surface insights at each step in the customer journey—from brick-and-mortar locations to digital touchpoints to new + evolving channels.

location OSAT


Get closer to what your customers are thinking by capturing feedback on location-level experiences—surfacing actionable insights that drive loyalty and sales.


Measure everyday performance to discover key drivers of the digital experience, so you can keep customers at the center of your omnichannel strategy.

Digital channel OSAT
ratings and reviews icon

Ratings + reviews

We capture ratings + reviews from the most popular platforms for location-level information and integrate it with your other feedback channels—allowing you to take a streamlined approach to online reputation management.

Contact center

Build better customer connections with contact center experience measurement, making it easier to monitor agent performance, improve service, and stay ahead of potential issues.

contact center metrics
brand satisfaction


Get better, faster brand insights at every level of your business by combining operational measurement, attitudinal research, and behavioral data in real time.


Leverage employee-provided insights to improve onboarding, reduce turnover, drive sustainable engagement, and spur organizational change.

EX management metrics

Innovation at work

We’re always building new ways for our clients to drive better business outcomes—and we regularly push automatic upgrades to our platform so every client always has access to the most up-to-date version. Here’s a highlight of a recent enhancement: 

targeted surveys
DIY survey designer

The digital journey is ever evolving and requires an agile approach. With a DIY survey designer, users have complete self-serve control over the creation, targeting, and launch of feedback. It all leads to smarter touchpoints, more relevant interactions, and richer insights. 

comparison and trends reports

Reporting + analytics

Make sense of customer feedback with easy-to-read visualizations of real-time data and intuitive navigation designed to help you uncover actionable insights.

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