Fourth annual report from SMG highlights seven key trends for the new era of food delivery

Fourth annual report from SMG highlights seven key trends for the new era of food delivery

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Service Management Group (SMG), a global customer, patient and employee experience management partner to more than 500 brands, has published its fourth annual food delivery report: The state of the delivery experience. In this latest installment of the longest-running study of food delivery research, SMG analyzes the performance of third-party delivery providers and in-house offerings while providing insight around topics like business cannibalization, the cost of a bad experience and how satisfaction compares across delivery types.

Using a combination of customer feedback and real-time behavioral metrics, SMG launched the longitudinal study in late 2017 and has collected four waves of consumer feedback about the food delivery experience. In collaboration with a special interest group comprised of leading convenience store and restaurant brands, SMG collected feedback from 20,000 consumers and non-purchasers in the United States and United Kingdom and summarized more than 500,000 data points to understand the state of the industry and how consumer expectations have evolved.

“Restaurant delivery is a critical growth channel that is still very much in its infancy,” said SMG SVP of Client Insights Jacqui Mueller. “As the leading experience management partner for the restaurant industry, our hope is that this report further exposes the urgent need for brands and third-party providers to prioritize collaborating on how to build a better experience management approach that can drive loyalty and profitability.”

The fourth annual report analyzes consumer behavior and feedback across delivery types to identify seven trends restaurant brands can use to improve the delivery experience and capitalize on this growing off-premise channel. To learn more, download a copy of the complimentary report.

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