Understand How Your Brand Stacks Against the Competition

Branded industry benchmarks help you gain real-time insights on how you measure up against specific competitors—identifying a clear path to build on your competitive edge and fine-tune growth strategies.

Customer experience performance

Learn how your brand stacks up relative to competitors on key customer experience metrics (overall satisfaction, value, ease of shopping, etc.) so you can understand your brand’s competitive edge + identify growth opportunities.


Purchase funnel metrics

Understand your customer acquisition performance (from awareness to purchase and beyond) relative to the competition to identify key priorities of brand health.

Brand + category usage

Use brand and category purchase behaviors to measure visit and wallet share for your brand and the competition, providing insight into historical performance so you can protect + grow your share moving forward.


Loyalty (NPS + actual return) metrics

Identify how individual experiences impact actual return cycles to understand where you’re driving long-term loyalty, affecting visit frequency, or moving the needle on customer churn.

Deep category expertise means you’ll benefit from robust industry benchmarks


“SMG helped us understand how we compare to other brands within our industry, not only as a whole but also in different segments. We felt that was key to helping us determine what solutions we needed to put in place over the short-term and the long‑term.”

Customer experience manager, US quick service restaurant chain
*Forrester | The Total Economic Impact™ Of The smg360® Customer Experience (CX) Solution Q2, 2021

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