Discover What Drives Customer Purchase Decisions and Loyalty

Customer experience brand tracking evaluates your overall positioning, so you can learn about the important emotional connections that can drive your business.

Awareness + engagement performance

Measure brand awareness, purchase behaviors, and preferences to maximize when consumers select you.


Brand health drivers

Use in-depth statistical analyses to identify which brand attributes convert shoppers to purchasers and customers to loyalists.

Brand positioning

Discover consumer-identified attributes associated with your brand + the competition to identify where your positioning is resonating—and where there is opportunity to differentiate.


Rational + emotional attribute performance

Track over time what consumers think + feel about your brand vs. competitors, and why they select you.

Customer experience + loyalty metrics

Measure how consumers experience brands across the customer journey to understand how brand + customer experiences align to drive purchase behavior and long-term loyalty.


“We’ll ask SMG to focus on certain areas and they are able to come back with the voice of the customer, telling us best practices and what they think we should focus on.”

Consumer affairs director, US grocery
*Forrester | The Total Economic Impact™ Of The smg360® Customer Experience (CX) Solution Q2, 2021

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