Understand What Customers Really Think With Brand Experience Management

Traditional brand trackers, branded competitive benchmarks, and behavioral data + insights from millions of consumers will let you answer critical business questions and gain deeper perspective on your customer, your brand, and the market.

Only 1 in 4 marketers report having complete alignment between their CX vision and brand promise.

Forrester | Avoid Dissonance Between Your Brand Promise And CX Delivery

Brand tracking

Ask mission-critical questions to understand key drivers of purchase decisions, consumers’ messaging recall, overall brand positioning, and those important emotional connections that spark lifelong loyalty:

  • Awareness + engagement
  • Brand health drivers
  • Rational + emotional attribute performance
  • Customer experience + loyalty metrics
  • Brand positioning

Branded benchmarks

Take the blindfolds off your industry benchmarks, drill into feedback + behavioral data by DMA, and get timely insights on how you measure up against specific competitors across markets.

  • Customer experience performance
  • Purchase funnel metrics
  • Brand + category usage
  • Loyalty metrics

Behavioral insights

You may be a customer’s favorite brand, but is that sentiment reflected by actual behavior? By combining operational measurement, behavioral data, and attitudinal research, SMG serves as your traffic partner to help uncover consumers’ true behaviors and the motivations behind them.

  • Traffic trends + visit analytics
  • Non-purchaser conversion
  • Cross-shopping
  • Acquisition, retention, + growth

Get answers to critical business questions

  • Why do consumers choose your brand? What about your competitors?
  • Why and where am I losing customers in the purchase funnel?
  • Why have consumers stopped shopping at my brand?
  • What are my consumer profiles vs. my competitors’?
  • What’s my biggest strength?
  • When do our competitors’ consumers choose to visit us?
  • Where do consumers go when they don’t visit? Why?
  • How often do consumers visit, browse, and not purchase? Why?
  • How can I convert non-customers and infrequent guests to loyalists?
Map showing markers of your brand compared to competitor brands

SMG has given us really good insights,
sometimes real-time and sometimes through a short project, and those insights have given us the opportunity to change ourselves to support changing consumer behavior.

Retail managing director, European retailer

Forrester | The Total Economic Impact™ Of The smg360® Customer Experience (CX) Solution | June 2021

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