XM Software Designed for Customer, Employee, and Brand Experiences

To differentiate on experiences, you have to act on the motivations and expectations of your customers and employees. By implementing integrated customer experience management (CXM), employee experience management (EXM), and brand experience programs, we’ll help you improve business performance across touchpoints.

Customer experience management

Listen, interpret, act on, and maximize consumer feedback and related data across touchpoints including locations, digital channels, ratings + reviews, contact centers, and third-party sources.

Customer Journey

Gather solicited + unsolicited customer feedback across the entire purchase journey to identify points of friction and ensure a seamless path to conversion + long-term loyalty.


Measure every interaction across each touchpoint to inform operational strategies, sync up cross-channel improvement initiatives, + deliver more consistent brand experiences.

Reporting + analytics

Take advantage of role-based data views, powerful analysis, and real-time data to deliver the clearest links to financial performance at every level of your organization.

Taking action

Equip front-line teams with prescriptive tools and actionable insights that lead to operational improvements + loyalty-building experiences.

ROI calculator

Quantify the value + business impact of delivering improved in-store customer experiences with our interactive ROI calculator.


Advanced-degree researchers + industry experts work closely with you to isolate and impact the levers that matter most at every level of your organization.

Client success

Build a CX strategy designed to evolve alongside your customers with a hands-on team dedicated to ensuring you benefit from the latest XM innovations.

customer experience dashboard
employee experience dashboard

Employee experience management

Drive engagement and reduce turnover at every stage of the employee life cycle through programmatic surveys and always-on feedback channels.

Employee journey

The employee life cycle runs from the first interview to the last day, and every step in between.


Combine point-in-time surveys with always-on feedback to drive engagement + critical business outcomes.

Feedback collection

By pairing pulse surveys with our core employee engagement survey, you can address concerns consistently and effectively.

Action planning

With a proprietary algorithm that identifies your biggest opportunity areas, set specific goals and create trackable action plans to achieve them.

Voice of the customer through employee

Surface problems, suggestions, or compliments in real time, 24/7—directly from your front line for immediate action.

ROI calculator

Use our interactive calculator to determine the potential business impact of implementing an EX program that reduces employee turnover.


Identify the key drivers impacting employee engagement and the factors most affecting employees’ ability to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Client success

Create a culture of passionate employees driven to provide better service, so you can inspire loyal customers who visit more often, spend more when they visit, and recommend your brand to others.

Brand experience management

Understand what customers really think and do by pairing behavioral data with near real-time feedback, non-purchaser data, branded competitive benchmarks, and traditional brand research methodologies.

Brand tracking

Understand consumer perception at each stage in the purchase decision funnel to fine-tune conversion strategies + fend off the competition.

Branded benchmarks

Uncover what’s really important to consumers, where your brand falls behind the competition, and where you should focus efforts to lead your industry.

Behavioral insights

Leverage patented visit-detection technology to understand and influence what drives customers to visit you (or your competitors).


Get a holistic overview of how you’re delivering on your brand promise with integrated analyses + insights delivered by a team of industry experts.

Client success

Convert lapsed customers into brand loyalists by optimizing the key rational and emotional drivers that matter most.

brand experience dashboard

A more holistic experience management solution

Combining employee experience and customer experience programs creates a more holistic experience management solution that strengthens every link in The Service Profit Chain by allowing you to see transactions from both the employee’s and the consumer’s point of view.

service profit chain
ROI calculator icon

What’s the value of an improved experience?

Delivering improved experiences begins with engaged employees and results in loyal customers—a group that’s more likely to visit your brand more often, spend more money with you, and refer you to others.

CX ROI calculator

Quantify the value of delivering improved in-store experiences.

EX ROI calculator

Quantify the business impact of reducing employee turnover.

“[SMG] moves hand-in-hand with customers to ensure they not only deliver better customer experiences, but also better employee experiences and financial outcomes.”

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