How We Help Achieve Client Success

We know we’re successful when our clients are successful. That’s why SMG combines platform technology and professional services to help you achieve meaningful business outcomes. We provide analysis support, insight delivery, and strategic partnership—going far beyond the software as a service (SaaS) model offered by other vendors.

Driving business outcomes

Truly successful experience management (XM) programs drive meaningful outcomes that justify investments and future-proof your business. Every insight we deliver is laser-focused on helping clients:

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Generate new revenue

  • Attract more customers/buyers
  • Open more channels
  • Expand product offerings
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Reduce churn + detractors

  • Lessen at-risk revenue
  • Recover lost customers
  • Curb employee churn
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Grow existing revenue

  • Increase lifetime value
  • Reduce return cycles
  • Build loyalty for the brand
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Drive operational efficiencies

  • Serve customers better
  • Reduce costs to operate
  • Increase employee satisfaction

Client success stories

Brands choose SMG because we understand their challenges + help them change the way they do business.

“In just 18 months with SMG, they play an integral role in completing our customer-centric strategy. Quickly taking action on SMG recommendations and validations has played a crucial role in our recent successes.”

Forrester | The Total Economic Impact™ Of The smg360® Customer Experience (CX) Solution

Professional services

SMG proactively assists with everything from XM program implementation and change management to day-to-day administrative support, strategic guidance, and ongoing insight delivery.

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In order to really understand where your business is and where it needs to go, you have to be able to translate data into actionable insights. See how it’s done.

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