Transform CX insights from industry buzzwords to business-changing ROI

Transform CX insights from industry buzzwords to business-changing ROI

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Transform CX insights from industry buzzwords to business-changing ROI

Businesses operating in the dark are doomed to fail. And the more lightbulb moments you have, the better equipped you’ll be to illuminate new paths to insight and inspire smart changes across your enterprise. But how do you make sure your teams are getting all the way to true CX insights, and not just settling for data points? Because data points aren’t enough. In order for your brand to get business-changing outcomes, you need more than just numbers—you need a tangible deliverable.

In a previous blog, we talked about why you need insights—now let’s dig into how to make sure you’re getting them. Here are 5 tests that will help you understand the difference between insights and data points—leading to measurable results and tangible ROI:

1. Is it specific?

Instead of learning only that scores are changing, you need specific information about what’s happening, why it’s happening, and how you can enact change.

2. Is it understandable?

A data dump drowning in complicated statistics will get you nowhere. Your managers require tactical tools that are action-oriented, intuitive and engaging, and easily accessible.

3. Is it prescriptive?

Teams need targeted coaching on which levers to pull—and you have to be able to define what those efforts will actually look like in the field. A true CX insight prescribes clear action items and identifies who’s responsible.

4.Is it measurable?

You need to be able to track your team’s efforts—against other internal teams, past performance, industry averages, etc. Go in with a SMART goal connected to organizational KPIs—something tangible that you can measure success against.

5. Is it worthwhile?

True CX insights will impact the entire business and predict financial impact beyond CX measures. Map CX improvements to cross-functional gains that demonstrate tangible, widespread ROI—so you can prove the program is worth the effort.

You can only be successful when you get true CX insights

You’re probably not surprised that lots of vendors talk about insights, but few actually deliver on them. And the truth is, a CX platform will only get you so far.

To really take advantage of true CX insights—the kind that boost loyalty and improve business performance—your team needs trusted CX advisors who have experience in CEM best practices that drive outcomes. That’s why SMG’s unique model puts a dual focus on technology and services to help brands turn mountains of data into actionable insights that change business outcomes.

You should be confident you’re getting the information you deserve from you CEM vendor so your team can operate effectively as an insights-driven business. To find out if the CX insights you get today pass the test, download the executive brief.