Software + service: The winning combination for achieving CX supremacy

Software + service: The winning combination for achieving CX supremacy

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Software + service: The winning combination for achieving CX supremacy

While data makes the world go ’round, gaining insights from customer data is only half the battle. Things really get sticky when trying to make sense of that data and taking appropriate action to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Meeting that challenge is where the software with a service (SwaS) model, a unique approach to driving customer experience (CX) success by blending software with human expertise, comes into play.

SMG is the pioneer of the SwaS model, with the technology to ensure you’re able to derive meaning from your data, and the people who can provide truly unique insights that drive impact.


Where a DIY/SaaS approach can hold you back

While adopting a DIY/software as a service (SaaS) CX solution may seem like an appealing route, it can water down the value of your customer feedback and create a lot of additional work for your team, which may not be equipped to derive meaningful insights from your data.

Data-only systems don’t drive meaningful insights to guide your frontlines

DIY software isn’t easy to integrate and implement across locations

Insights without action fail to drive business impact or demonstrate ROI

Software with a service is engineered for impact

By contrast, a SwaS approach offers you all the ingredients for success, which ensures that your data isn’t just a commodity—it’s a strategic asset.

DIY/SaaS technology alone limits your capacity for action and impact.

Improving the customer experience is achieved through a process, rather than a single data point.

drive traffic

Drive Traffic

Understand pain points throughout the customer journey to deliver a more personalized experience.

analyze data

Analyze Data

Collect and analyze multiple customer touchpoints to identify areas of opportunity.

generate insights

Generate Insights

Understand with great detail what the actual problem is so you can resolve it.

guide action

Guide Action

With our guidance you will know exactly how to instruct the frontline to adjust.

assess impact

Assess Impact

We arm you with the right metrics to demonstrate the success of your strategy to the board and gain their full support.

What SwaS offers you that SaaS does not:

  • Industry benchmarks: Collaborate with industry experts and gain access to benchmarkable data, enhancing your CX program with best practices, innovative strategies, and actionable insights that help your team develop effective strategies to stay ahead.
  • Full customer journey analysis: See specific areas of the customer experience that need your attention and drive swift location-specific actions to boost revenue.
  • Prescriptive tools for frontline teams: Guide your frontline teams with location-specific insights to make informed decisions in the field.
  • High return on investment: It takes a team to drive a successful CX program. Partnering with a CX provider allows you to allocate your budget toward software and services that directly address your needs. This allows you to spend more on CX solutions that provide a faster path to outcomes.
  • Program flexibility: We understand that every business has unique needs. Choose from a range of fixed and variable services to tailor your CX program to meet your unique requirements and address the varying demands of your business.
  • Empowerment and program control: Actively participate in the decision-making process to customize the needs of your program. This provides you with a deeper understanding of customer needs and facilitates agile responses to market changes.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, so can your CX program. Scale your software and services to meet your changing demands, leading to exceptional customer experiences at every growth stage.

Are you ready for Data with Direction?

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