Combine ratings + reviews with other CX data for the richest insights

Combine ratings + reviews with other CX data for the richest insights

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Combine ratings + reviews with other CX data for the richest insights

With 95% of shoppers reading online reviews before making a purchase, many companies have already implemented a reputation management solution—but the secret to success is knowing how best to leverage this fast-paced, high-volume feedback.

Brands with an online reputation management solution know how they stack up against competitors, armed with insight to drive meaningful change and rise to the top of their industry. They are able to quantify ROI by demonstrating the connection between customer experience and sales growth. And, most importantly, they are able to easily engage with customers—resolving their issues, building stronger customer relationships, and increasing business volume without wasting time navigating multiple channels.

While unsolicited customer feedback provides a unique perspective of your brand and is a very important piece of the customer journey, brands that measure ratings + reviews alone are just getting part of the picture and missing out on a holistic view of the complete experience.

Actionable insight comes from integrating rich, social ratings + reviews with solicited location-level feedback into one single platform.

Why? Because structured CX survey data provides measurable aspects of a customer’s interaction with your brand, and collecting that quantitative feedback is vital to understanding location-level performance. Unsolicited social ratings + reviews add rich context to the customer experience—sharing insight on parts of the interaction that perhaps aren’t covered in the survey or offering an alternate view of the experience.

Measuring one without the other creates silos—so you either won’t get the advantage of seeing the feedback side by side or you’ll waste time with a more manual integration process.

For a single source of cross-channel insights, you need an online reputation management solution that pulls all the relevant information you need from the most important sources and puts it alongside your other CX data into one platform—providing a single source of cross-channel insights.

To learn more on how to stay ahead of the competition, inspire customer loyalty, and drive business outcomes with ratings + reviews, download the guide: 4 ways to boost business outcomes with online reputation management.