Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.


SMG is growing by leaps and bounds. The Honomichl Report lists SMG as a Top 50 Market Research Firm. But SMG is about more than numbers and research and consulting—it's also a work environment that allows employees to impact company success and be recognized for talent and commitment.



This team makes sure SMG remains community-focused while being a great place to work—staying focused on identifying great talent and providing a healthy environment for professional development. In addition, they’re responsible for resource planning, forecasting, and all financial aspects of the company. 

Client Insights

Our client insights team is chock-full of smart people who analyze data to help our clients create better experiences and make better business decisions. Working side-by-side, account managers and researchers make sure clients are getting what they need to drive field engagement and move the needle on the customer experience, employee engagement, and financial performance. 

Product + Innovation

Creating and improving big data technology solutions to capture, integrate, and report results in real time, this group works to develop new tools for our clients’ evolving needs. They work hands-on with our cutting-edge full stack software—using the industry’s best technology to help brands know more and do better. 

Marketing + Engagement

Working in tandem, the engagement and marketing teams build and nurture the client community—sharing industry knowledge, publishing research-based best practices, ensuring clients have the chance to learn from each other at conferences and SMG events, and positioning the SMG brand for global growth. 

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