Quick Quack Car Wash launches customer experience management program

Quick Quack Car Wash launches customer experience management program

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Service Management Group (SMG), a global customer, patient and employee experience management partner to more than 500 brands, has announced a new customer experience management partnership with Quick Quack Car Wash. The rapidly growing car wash chain chose SMG for its scalable technology platform and ability to uncover actionable insights.

Founded in 2004, Quick Quack owns and operates more than 100 locations across Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas and Utah. Alongside a quick and entertaining carwash experience, Quick Quack is best known for its unlimited car wash memberships, free vacuums and exceptional customer service.

“As a service-based brand, one of the greatest barometers of our success is customer satisfaction,” said Quick Quack Partner and Chief Marketing Officer Travis Kimball. “Our partnership with SMG is allowing us to collect and analyze customer feedback across multiple channels, uncover key loyalty drivers and continually improve the experience as we grow.”

With SMG’s customer experience management program, Quick Quack is capturing feedback at multiple touchpoints in the customer journey. Location-level feedback is captured and delivered to the smg360® reporting platform in real-time, providing Quick Quack with key customer experience metrics while features like role-based reporting and real-time alerts help the field focus on driving satisfaction. Quick Quack is also working with SMG to measure the contact center experience, giving the brand insights that help turn those important interactions into opportunities to drive satisfaction and loyalty.

In conjunction with solicited feedback, Quick Quack is measuring unsolicited feedback with SMG’s online reputation management solution. Aggregating location-specific ratings and reviews from the top review sites, this data is presented alongside Quick Quack’s customer experience and contact center data to give the brand a more holistic view of the customer experience.

About Quick Quack Car Wash

Quick Quack Car Wash operates more than 100 locations in Arizona, California, Texas, Utah, and Colorado. The Quick Quack Car Wash concept grew from a desire to get cars clean using the best technology and to do it extremely fast. The high-quality and eco-friendly car washing system uses neoprene foam, soft cloth and filtered, recycled water. The customer stays in their vehicle while being automatically guided through the car wash where the vehicle is soaked, soaped, washed, polished, rinsed with spot-free water, and dried, all in a matter of minutes. More information is available online at www.DontDriveDirty.com.

About Service Management Group

SMG inspires experiences that improve people’s lives. We are a catalyst for change, providing actionable customer, patient, and employee insights that boost loyalty and drive business outcomes. Our unique model puts a dual focus on platform technology and professional services—making it easier to collect, analyze, and share feedback and behavioral data across the enterprise. To learn more about our customer experience management, employee experience, and brand research solutions, visit www.smg.com.