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The Yumpingo platform captures the real-time impact of a brand’s performance at location and menu item level. Clients are enabled to make real-time high-impact, intuitive decisions with certainty using 1-minute surveys and Smart Actions; delivering specific, measurable and transformational business improvements, leading to more happy guests. Guests have in-the-moment opportunities to share their experience on-premise, or online, providing clients with live feedback by location, shift, server and menu item level. 

Real-time insights with 1-Minute Survey: Give your guests in-the-moment opportunities to share their experience on-premise or online, providing you with live feedback by location, shift, server, and menu item 

The platform captured NPS/satisfaction scores from 99% of guests, with 80% providing detailed explanations for their ratings 

Menu and dish-level feedback: Optimize your menu, adjust pricing, test new suppliers, and manage consistency with precision—all while improving customer satisfaction 

Smart Actions for targeted improvement: Focus your teams on the improvements that matter most.  

Restaurant managers and chefs can make daily proactive decisions based on actionable guest feedback within their teams’ control, ensuring timely resolutions 

Closed-loop order to pay hardware: Use a custom-branded, all-in-one device that offers seamless feedback collection, payment, and tips, and captures valuable insights you can act on immediately 

There will be no changes for existing SMG clients in the new few months outside of sharing the new capability that YPG can offer. 

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