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Text Analytics

Your customers and employees are sharing in their own words. Open-ended comments give you deeper insights into what customers really think and help you more fully understand your scores. Our proprietary text analytics engine turns words into data, making it possible to accurately process thousands of customer comments, across more than 100 languages. We take this unstructured data and help you make sense of it, uncovering the information that means the most to your business and improving your brand experience. We present all of your relevant, real-time data on your smg360® dashboard for insights in an instant. Simply log in to view emerging trends, uncover top categories, and compare sentiment breakdowns to the previous period.

Text Benchmark

It's important to know what customers say about you, but equally important is what they say about your competition. As part of our deep benchmarking initiatives, we offer industry benchmarks on customers' open-ended comments. Do they talk about Cleanliness in your locations more or less often than other brands? How do Speed of Service comments stack up against the rest of your market segment? Where are you leading the way, and where do you need to improve? Compare your comments against the competition to gain a deeper understanding of brand sentiment and customer experience.

Configured Components

Our text analytics engine is like no other. We simultaneously analyze customer comments for four primary components: categories, entities/nouns, hot topics, and complex sentiment. Our engine looks for words and phrases aligned to your specific industry within unique categories and sub-categories, leading to an exceptionally high accuracy level. We scour for titles, names, products, services, and brand mentions. We uncover trending topics in experiences, promotions, and brand-specific keywords. And most importantly, we bring it all together for a complete view of brand sentiment far beyond the comment level.

Global Text Analytics

Never miss a word, even if you don't speak the language. smg360 processes verbatim feedback in more than 100 languages, bringing all of your insights directly to the dashboard. Filter by survey language or hierarchy and even translate comments on-the-fly and on-demand with a single click.

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