Online Reporting System

Current client reporting system can be accessed here.

Data Integration

Big data presents big opportunities. With a flexible, API-centric open architecture, it's easy to ingest and process data. We create our infrastructure technologies to work with yours, knitting our systems together. Beyond import and export functionality, we provide real-time, live, bi-directional integration. The more data you have, the greater the likelihood of finding correlations and conversations. Dig deeper, look from all angles, gain more actionable insights, and close the loop.

Bi-Directional API Integration

At SMG, data integration is a two-way street. We're leading the way in bi-directional, data-driven integration for a real-time view of your business. Our data syncs with your data, every time, all the time. By combining our technologies with yours and enabling them to communicate, share, and update with each other in real time, we create a custom solution. As a valuable component of your back-office operations, bi-directional integration gets data out to your front line even faster.

Open Standards

Come on in; we're open. Open to all major CRM platforms, your contact center platforms, your mobile apps. Open to your operational audit and POS/transactional data. Open to your timer data and anything else tied to your brand and location. We separate variables out of your control, like the weather, from those you can take action on. We integrate a broad base of data to get you closer to specific insights.

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