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  • Is it a good or bad thing when a customer names an employee?

    Employee Spotlight | Jun 10, 2013
    As you might remember from our research posted in January, we found 18% of frequent fast-food, fast-casual, and casual-dining customers planned to eat healthier in the new year. So how did this resolution actually play out? You may be surprised to learn diners with a healthy eating resolution increased restaurant visits in both the fast-food and fast-casual dining segments. Based on 30,000 visits detected to more than 200 restaurant brands in December and January, we found fast-food restaurants saw a 10% point increase in visits from these customers. Fast-casual restaurants saw an 8% point increase and casual-dining restaurants saw a 1% point decrease.
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  • Do loyalty club members behave any differently than other guests when it comes to meal-time mistakes?

    Employee Spotlight | May 14, 2013
    No matter what you do inside your restaurants, problems will occur. And sometimes, those problems will linger in the minds of customers and cause them to not come back. But here’s the good news: Guests who are loyalty club members are half as likely to defect after they experience a problem than guests who aren’t part of the loyalty club. While the obvious reason to have loyalty programs is to incentivize guests to return, loyalty clubs also have the hidden benefit of minimizing the negative impact when guests experience a problem.
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  • Can the carry-out experience compare with dining in?

    Employee Spotlight | Apr 15, 2013
    It can—when key metrics are executed well. Taste and temperature of food are important for carry-out guests, but guests who are highly satisfied with these measures still aren’t as satisfied overall as dine-in guests.
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  • Are your restaurants prepared for St. Patrick's Day revelers?

    Employee Spotlight | Mar 14, 2013
    SMG’s Benchmark Database shows Pace of Experience scores, along withLikelihood to Return scores, suffer on St. Patrick’s Day compared to other Saturdays in March. Overall Atmosphere scores are slightly up on the holiday, but customers indicate the fun, vibrant atmosphere doesn’t compensate for slower service.
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  • Do price-fixed menus work on Valentine's Day?

    Employee Spotlight | Feb 12, 2013
    When it comes to Speed of Service scores, it certainly seems so. Fine-dining restaurants experience a 9 percentage point boost on Speed of Service on Valentine’s Day compared to other Tuesdays in February. Through use of price-fixed menus, fine-dining restaurants are able to accommodate more guests in less time.
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  • Does your business have a flawless process for redeeming gift cards?

    Employee Spotlight | Jan 22, 2013
    SMG’s Benchmark Database reveals that problems are much more common for guests who use gift cards. In fact, gift card users are twice as likely to experience a problem than guests who don’t use gift cards.
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